Agafay Desert Quad Biking

Quad biking in the Agafay Desert is a thrilling adventure that allows you to explore the unique landscape of this rocky desert just outside of Marrakech. You will ride through the rugged and picturesque desert landscape. This experience provides a unique opportunity to explore the desert's natural beauty, including its arid terrain, rocky plateaus, and rolling dunes, all while taking in the stunning views of the Atlas Mountains in the distance.



Itinerary of the Agafay Desert quad biking

Agafay Desert Quad Biking: Your journey begins with a convenient pick-up service from your accommodation at your chosen time. After a scenic 45-minute drive, you'll arrive at the captivating Agafay Desert.

Upon arrival, before the tour commences, our experienced guide will provide you with detailed instructions about the machines and ensure you are equipped with the necessary protective gear. This includes helmets and other safety equipment. Then, you'll set off on a 2-hour exploration in a small group. This guided tour ensures you make the most of your experience, discovering the hidden gems of the desert.

During your journey, enjoy several stops at picturesque locations, offering you the perfect opportunity to capture stunning photographs. The ever-changing landscapes of the Agafay Desert will leave you in awe, providing a unique backdrop for your adventure.

A highlight of the tour is a visit to a traditional bivouac, where you'll have the chance to unwind and indulge in a refreshing tea break. This cultural pause allows you to absorb the essence of the desert's tranquil ambiance.

Explore the Agafay Desert on a quad bike and create memories that will last a lifetime. This tour promises an unforgettable blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural immersion.

Price and availability of the Quad Biking in Agafay


Price per person:

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45€ or 480MAD


14 Max

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20€ or 210MAD


14 Max

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